Potty training 3 yr old boy

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Updated on Mar 13, 2018

i have a 3 yr old boy. school is refusing him because he isnt potty trained. we have been working with him though. he did good for a while. we will ask him if he needs to potty or tell him its time to potty. sometimes he will, others he will walk with us to bathroom then scream no and take off running. he will not sit on a potty chair. thats an absolute no. any tips? we have done rewards as well.

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| Mar 13, 2018

hi Dee Jay! get a child's toilet seat. put it in the washroom. u could sit along on adult 's seat and narrate a story. also There are books available on the same topic.. try and take that fear out of his mind.. here is a blog u would find useful

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