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potty training my 3 year old

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Oct 31, 2019

hi all I am struggling with an issue with my 3 year old. He is still using diapers and I am trying to potty train him. while 9 out of 10 times he indicated when he has to poop but in case of pee, most of the time he does not call out. instead he laughs and does it deliberately anywhere. I have tried every mechanism - talking, scolding, rewarding , nothing is working. he continues to do that deliberately and then keeps laughing. I really need help with this. pls share your thoughts. regards, shally

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| Nov 01, 2019

Hi shally dhar ! U could keep his fav toys inside the washroom. make visit to washroom a fun time. allow him to play with toy while using the commode. U cOuld also read a story on a similar theme there. Keep a small table for yourself there and keep talking to the child. Praise him when it's a successful attempt.

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