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Updated on Apr 20, 2015

Hello friends, My son is 21 months old now and ones he is 2 he will be going for the pre school. Here in london its mandatory that kids going to pre school should be potty trained. so can i have some suggestions how to start the potty training for my kid.

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| Apr 20, 2015

Hi Samrudha. Are you sure he needs to be toilet trained before he joins Pre school? I suggest you cross check as 2 years is too young to have a child toilet trained completely. My son is 3years and I just managed to completely toilet train him. I started at 2. It takes time and patience, especially for boys. My daughter was dry by 2. It differs for each child, but trying to toilet train your son now will just add unnecessary stress. So may I suggest you to please check with the school once. But you can always start getting him used to going to the toilet. You can buy one of those small potties or a toilet seat and start encouraging him to go and sit in the toilet every hour or so. Make it fun & do not force him. Good luck :)

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| Apr 22, 2015

Hi Samrudha, 1) make schedule for him--once he is up from a nap, lead him to a potty seat (ideally something that you can place in the room itself), and ask him to do potty/pass urine in it. 2) If and when he does, praise him profusely for his attempt making him know that he is done something good. 3) You can also make a game of it that we will go and say bye bye to the potty now (when you dispose it off); after a meal, before bedtime, after he has had his milk.. these are times when children want to use the washroom so make him sit on the potty seat at those times. 4)Also, through the day ask him in every 1-2 hours whether he wants to do potty and remind him that in case he does, he should tell mama. 5) If he does it on the floor, gently tell him that this is not right and that the right way is to use the potty seat. 6) Do not put him in diapers during the potty training period or the child will get confused. Keep him in only shorts/bloomers. There will be mess, and many accidents, but have patience. 7) Make it playful but don't scold or insist too much. Children tend to run away from potty seats, so when you make him sit on it, play a game with him or engage him in a story so that he doesn't feel the need to get up and run. But also remeber, children don't learn bladder control at this age.

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