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Updated on Oct 01, 2015

Hello,my son is 11 months old,I wanted to know when to start and how to start potty training?please help :-)

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| Oct 01, 2015

Hi Shivi, If the weather permits it, you could stop using diapers at home for the child and start putting him in cloth nappies. Every 1-2 hours make him sit on the potty seat. If he does potty or pee in it, praise him for it amply. Also, try and understand his routine. When does he pee? is it after waking up, or after a meal, or after he has had his milk? once you understand that, make him sit on the potty at those times. But be prepared for accidents and cleaning up a lot of mess. Also, remember, that trianing children for potty at this age is just a taught reaction--child will see potty seat and will use it--he might not be able to communicate about it till much later around 2. 5 years and definitely not be able to exercise bladder control till 3 years. hope this helps.

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