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Potty training

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Mar 30, 2017

Hello, my son is 2. 4 month year old, from last 4-6 months he does not indicate for potty and toilet, sometimes he said mumma toilet Jana h but for potty he never say anything. i've told him several times, I've also punished him and tried all sort of fears but he is still doing potty in clothes. before last 6 months he used to tell mumma potty aayi but now he never say.. so how I can train him for this and now he also started going school. so plz suggest for this

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| Mar 30, 2017

Hi Sonali , observe his expression when he release motion. Whenever you find similar kind of expression immediately take him to the toilet. within a week he will make it a habit. Make a routine of making him sit in the morning hours.

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