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Updated on Dec 10, 2013

Hi All, My son is 3. 11yrs old. I m fed up giving him potty training. He knows everything.. he himself says and potty in toilet not in pants…. but he does in pants only. Pls help me…how shud I give him training. Next yr april he wud join formal school…I want him to train him before it. He is su-su(pee) trained for the last 2 yrs and even during the night…he wakes us up to relieve himself. We gave him all kind of bribe but he doesn’t do…even his play teachers also very fed up with his habbit…even young kids go to toilet for potty in school. Pls help me.. suggest me how to give him training.

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| Dec 10, 2013

Hi Aarti! Thanks for sharing. You may have a look at the below link to the parent talk that may help you:

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| Dec 11, 2013

Hi Aarti, u can consult ur paediatrician and a dietician to bring in good healthy bowel habit to ur son. According to the dietician's advice give dinner and try to get a daily morning toilet routine. That might help solve ur problem. All the best.

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| Dec 12, 2013

Dear Aarti. It is normal for children to get used to using the toilet. You can get him an attractive toilet seat (Lightening McQueen or any other character which he likes) and encourage him to sit on the toilet with the seat on. Also try getting him some underwear with his favorite character. He may not like to get them dirty then. He seems to be doing this on purpose so try leaving him in his soiled pants once instead of changing immediately. He will surely be uncomfortable and want you to change it. Then you may explain to him the importance of using the toilet for potty and how big boys and girls do it. Also make him understand that he will be joining school soon and needs to learn to use the toilet. Hope this helps.

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