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Updated on Nov 02, 2017

Hello everyone!! How does you all potty trained your kid? My son is still in his diapers; he is 28 months old,tried to make him sit in a potty seat, but no luck:( He will run away if he sees that. i am guessing he is not ready yet. Every body in my family is pressurizing me that it's not good for a child to be in diapers for this long!! I am kind of frustrated!! If you have some ideas of potty training plz do share Thanks

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| Nov 03, 2017

every child different from one another,some baby capture s things very easly and some take time... so don't worry keep trying to teach him/her

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| Nov 03, 2017

My son is of the same age and had the same problem. He would refuse to enter the toilet though he was aware that he now needs to pass urine. I know it’s difficult. I have tried some things which maybe useful to u too. Firstly when at Home let him be without the diaper and constantly keep reminding him that he need to go to the toilet when required. Though he might not absorb the concept initially but slowly it will be work. Show him the potty seat and say that this is right place and doing outside is wrong. Do this whenever he does wrong. Next method may sound funny but it has worked for me. Whenever he feels the urge to pass and is controlling himself u can offer him a glass of water to drink. My son would sometime feels motivated if I allowed him to flush. Also I had hung a animal chart which he would enjoy sitting on the seat. any of the above useful

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