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Created by Urvashi Shah
Updated on Dec 05, 2012

My son does his potty every 3rd day, is it serious should i take dr. advice for the same.   Regards

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| Dec 11, 2012

Thrice in one day to once in three days- this is within normal range. If your son does not go even after the third day, maybe you should try massaging in the way Aashna suggests. It worked with my child when she was a few months old.

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| Dec 05, 2012

Hey Urvashi. I can recommend one thing. You can gently massage his tummy in a clock wise motion with both your hands. Use some oil or lotion. Then raise his legs one by one as though he is cycling. This puts pressure on his intestines and will help with gas and constipation. It really works and your baby will love it :)

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| Dec 05, 2012

Hi Urvashi. I take it from your earlier post that your son is 4 months old. Please correct me if I am wrong. I would say that doing potty every 2-3 days is normal for babies. My son used to do potty every 2 hours until he was 6 weeks old and then it just stopped altogether for a few days. I had spoken to his doctor on this and was told that babies can do potty several times a day or can go without it for up to a week. But the signs to watch out for would be if he is straining himself when passing stool, if there is blood in his stool or he seems uncomfortable with gas. His digestive system is still developing, so there will be changes in his stool from time to time. You can check with his doctor if you are concerned. Take care.

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