pregnancy with PCOD


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Updated on Nov 07, 2017

hello, m suffering with pcod , now i got pregnant after hcg injection, and doctor pescribe me duphaston 10 mg for 2 time in a day, but i read a articles about this medicin is banned in US , now m little bit concerned, pls suggest

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| Nov 07, 2017

hi Suman Pradeep Kumar ! its given to support when mother has PCOS. it's usually discontinued after first trimester. having said that it's advisable to clarify yr doubts with yr doc..

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| Nov 22, 2017

PCOS is a multi organ disorder which affects the reproductive, metabolic, hormonal, general well being and psychological aspects of a female. Common features are infrequent or prolonged periods, excessive hair growth on body (hirsutism), acne, obesity. Ultrasound examination shows enlarged ovaries with multiple follicles seen as a ‘string of pearls’ along the ovaries. Health risks involve hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, metabolic abnormalities, infertility, pregnancy complications, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer. Women are also at risk of mood disorder, eating disorder and anxiety. Almost 10% women of child bearing age have PCOS. If u are worried much, would like to suggest you to have a visit to parasbliss hospital in delhi which has an experienced team to deal with PCOD.

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| Dec 28, 2017

An early determination and treatment, brings down the danger of creating intricacies. Prescriptions can diminish certain side effects and help to have standard menstrual cycles. Specialists endorse anti-conception medication pills to stop ovulation, androgen diminishing pills to adjust the male hormones and metformin to control diabetes caused because of PCOS. Ripeness prescriptions are endorsed on the off chance that one is experiencing difficulty getting pregnant at the same time, to avert long haul medical issues it is critical to hone the accompanying things: Standard exercise, Eat sound nourishments. Incorporates bunches of vegetables, organic products, nuts, beans, and entire grains in your eating routine. Evade nourishments that are high in soaked fat, for example, meats, cheeses, and fricasseed sustenances. Have control on your weight. Getting thinner aides in PCOS, as it gets your hormones in adjust and manages your menstrual cycle. Stop smoking. For more information please visit-

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| Jan 12, 2018

PCOD or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disease or syndrome) is a medical problem in which level of sex hormones – estrogen and progesterone – of women go haywire which induces growth of small ovarian cysts. Disruption of menstrual cycle, fertility issues, cardiac problems and unwarranted changes in appearance are some of the implications of PCOD. These cysts are mostly benign in nature but they cause imbalance of hormone level which results into pregnancy-related issues. Causes of PCOD Hormonal Imbalance Prior history of PCOD in family Genetic reasons Elevated level of Androgen hormone For more information please visit-

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