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Updated on Sep 28, 2014

My sons birthday has always been a very special occasion for me like any other mom. I am always excited months ahead his birthday and start the preparations much before. As he would be turning 10 I am excited to throw a surprise party for him. Well according to me when throwing a party one should take care of every small things right from decor, food, cake etc. Have been searching through the net since months and have finally settled down for a theme party . And the theme which I have decided for is Pirate theme . I found it perfect seeing his age and we all know boys being boys are always upto some adventure. Planned out some interesting games. Next was the list of invitees. I do not want it to be very long as it will be a house party so all his friends and close relatives are to be invited. Then the decor I personally went through lots of party suppliers website . I should mention we get preety good things online. Food, yes food I will personally make pastas, pizzas, Pav bhaji, fries etc. Its ok fast foods are allowed atleast on the birthdays so no fuss over it. Cake searching for some nice theme cake on pirates. But yes I have already found beautiful birthday songs with his name and am very excited will be playing it for him on his birthday. I found it at the birthdaysongswithnames. com. Really very excited . Guys do share your experiences on Bithday preparations of your kids.

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| Sep 29, 2014

Hi Namrata Mohta, Thank you for sharing your concern with us. We understand your concern. While you receive suggestions and inputs from fellow parents on parentune, in the meantime, here are some parent talks which deals with the concern area mentioned by you and may be of help- and

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