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Preschool Complain

3 to 7 years

Created by Piyali Ganguli
Updated on Jul 29, 2016

Pree School Complain

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| Aug 20, 2016

Hi.. Suggest to check www. goschooling. com. You will get all the details for any Preschool in Hyderabad. You can share your details with them & their person will take you through the entire Admission process. You will also get special offers :))

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| Aug 18, 2016

Also we have the most Authentic Parent Reviews, with Child Name/Parent Name/Class & Year of Study published openly. Pls check our Parent Reviews & also drop in your Review as a Parent to help others in finalising a Preschool for their loved ones.

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| Jul 29, 2016

hi Again! Piyali changing your Child's school won't be the right thing to do. This could lead to adjustment problems for him and it might even communicate to the child that he is right and school is wrong on their part to complain each time. However,gradually helping him understand, 'Hitting hurts' and we should make use of words to express our feelings rather than getting physical. also u could remind him again and again 'Hands are for praying to God, greeting people, helping ourselves and others. You could enact and do this by folding hands and saying'Thank u God', then shaking hands and saying 'Hello' or 'Namaste' and finally reminding him how we brush our teeth, dress up, comb our hair, study and also helps others using our hands '. basically it's like telling the child we do all good things with our hands. you could even build stories around the same theme and say how the person who used to use his hand for wrong purposes like hitting others got punished himself . while the other person who used his hand for good deeds became God's favorite. The moment u feel he is going to hit, distract him. Also talk to teachers and tell them to give work to him like distributing colors, sheets, pencils and praising him. at home u could tell him to feed pets, water plants, stack his clothes, help u with bringing things, wash his cycle etc. Using his energy for some constructive work would channelize his energies n the right direction. don't forget to praise him each time and your magical hug. Piyali I Know what u r going through is a tough phase,but if u sail through there is silver lining. so be patient, don't shout or hit your child. tell yourself your will not get angry no matter what. hope this helps!

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| Jul 29, 2016

Hi i get complain for my 4 Year old from his Pre School that he dont sit in Place. He fight with other kids. I dont understand why this small things they make issue How they want a 4 year to behave?In spite of how many times i told them to include activities in their course so kids get distracted .They dont listen and they only complains that in 3-4 hrs we cannot mould your child behaviour. I am fed up of his complains as a result i am also thinking my child is bad as a result iget frustated my kid is also getting frustated. we are planning to change his school but i just need to know in future how to react this type of Complains from School and a as a mother how should i react??

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