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Updated on Apr 10, 2020

My daughter who is 11 years-old loves to dress up in a saree and do make up. She prefers soliatry play and plays with her dolls and most of the times pretending to be a married woman with children. I believe she tries to imitate me. I hope it's okay , by imitating me she will not be like me in future as I do not want her to be a homemaker .

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| Apr 10, 2020

I do understand your concern Snehal ! To engage in Solitary play is not unusual for children of this age. its okay if she pretends to be a mom just like you. her mom being a homemaker might not affect her but her mom is not happy with herself, definitely will have an impact. So try and be cheerful and enjoy whatever u do, as our children imitate us. trust me being a homemaker is the most difficult job of all, which often goes underrated and unrewarded. So, give your best shot and try and enjoy whatever u do, as that is the mantra to stay happy.

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