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pronouncing of letter R

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Updated on Nov 22, 2016

hi.... my son is 6 yrs old and he cannot pronounce letter 'R' properly ....can anyone suggest how can I make him do that. for eg ...if he has to say raja he will pronounce as laja....

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| Nov 23, 2016

hi Kushbhu Shah! hope u r doing good! this type of speech problem is common with children as "R " is the toughest sound to make. sometimes it is mastered between 7 to 9 years of age. but u could work on it, while speaking to him using R letter words make sure u show him the correct placement of your tongue and lip movements. let him speak and repeat. also u could keep his hand on your mouth while speaking R and R letter words. praise him for his efforts . make sure u continue speaking same words with him for few weeks . have a list of words R for example Ring, Rat , Rose , Rub, Rough etc practise everyday. I am sure with your patience, praise and perseverance he will come around soon.

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| Nov 22, 2016

Hi Khushbu, I guess it is better if you consult a speech therapist to improve his pronunciation.

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