Raising my daughter without her bio dad advice..

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Dec 13, 2017

My daughter who is 4 hasn't seen her bio dad in 2 years he pays child support but doesn't see or ask to see her. He has another daughter with his soon to be ex wife he sees that little girl consistently as of now. My daughter was supposed to meet her bio father on Saturday but he never showed but spent the weekend with his other daughter. The other mother wants she and I to be friends and get the girls together out side of their father. I told her as of now no because, my daughter doesn't even know her bio father and it seems that he wants to be current in her life but not my daughters. I need advice on what you would or wouldn't do. She text me on and off quiet a bit and she can't understand why I've said no. We talked on the phone and all she wanted to talk about was mine and his relationship I felt like she just making comparisons.

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| Dec 13, 2017

hi Courtney Donegan ! it's completely yr choice. yes I can tell u one thing , if u would meet her there could be comparisons, talks about what he did for them but not for u both.. so it could make u feel bad . consider all aspects and take yr decision keeping in mind your daughter's future.. and if he doesn't want to keep in touch , just let him be..

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