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Updated on Dec 28, 2012

Dear  All ,  My kid is 5 year old ..Pl suggest me set of story books which are to be used as he is very fond of listening to stories .He himself cannt read but enjoys listening to them suggest some good sets of books which are useful for him    With regards sikta

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| Jan 03, 2013

hey Sikta!! a great book for little boys is " 365 stories and rhymes for little Boys" - it has a story for each night and also has some lovely age old rhymes as well , i has bought the little girl version for my daughter when she was 5 and it was a ritual every night to read a story from the book before bedtime. Now she can read by herself and it is still her favorite book ...

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| Dec 29, 2012

Thanks a lot !!Good way to start with !!!

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| Dec 28, 2012

Hi Sikta. Reading together with your child is a great activity and it will only strengthen the bond between you and your son. There are a few books in the review section, such as 365 Panchatantra stories, Bedtime Panchatantra stories.. You may use the search option on the right in the review section to search for books. They you can make a choice from among the reviews put up by the fellow parents.

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