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Updated on Mar 27, 2016

pls share some tasty recipes for 2 -3 yrs kids..

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| Mar 29, 2016

Kids like pancakes as dey r easy to chew.. one can try for mixed dal pancake stuffed wid paneer or tofu .. soak chana dal , moong dal in 2:1 ratio overnight .. Next step to blend dis with little coriander leaves n ginger in it .. make a fine n smooth paste as easy to make on non stick pan . As yummy n nutritious as well ..

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| Mar 28, 2016

If kids dnt like fruits or veg make new recipe,gv it a new name,fruits salad and in summer kids like any fruit with milkshake. vege cn be given thru paratas,if they r sayng no by currys

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| Mar 27, 2016

tasty nd healthy recipes

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