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Created by Preet Ramnanl
Updated on Aug 21, 2014

I have a boy of 6 yrs .now i am confusing that which brand is suitable for his hair , skin and as he is doing swimming at school. He is using johnson shampoo for hair and johnson talcum ,himalaya cream and moisturiser ,and sometimes nivea lotion in winter. there are so many brands available in market so, plz. suggest best brand to be used with this kind of age.

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| Sep 02, 2014

Thanks Ayushi for suggestion ,But plz. can u suggest me particular brand that should be used.

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| Aug 21, 2014

Hi Preet, As long as his skin or scalp is not showing any changes, allergic reactions, or symptoms of dryness etc. , you can continue with your present brands. Although, as a suggestion, you might also want to use a sunscreen if he is outdoors quite often. There a quite a few sunscreens from reputed baby brands or zinc-based ones that can be tried. hope this helps.

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| Aug 21, 2014

hi Preet Ramnanl! true, too many options. but overall, at this age, since the skin is tender and in growing years, natural and gentle products with least preservatives are advisable. Please do look up at the packaging of products especially to know about its content.

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