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Recovering from UTI

Gaurav Karjee

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Sep 07, 2012

My 2 year old daughter was diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infection some time back. She had to be hospitalized for the same for some time. But after she recovered , she has not been able to eat or drink properly. It would be great if I could get some suggestions to address the problem.

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Dr Vaneet Parmar

| Sep 08, 2012

The antibiotics that are given to the child to fight the disease spreading bacteria also kills the good bacteria in the process, the good bacteria is what digests food and promotes hunger. The antibiotics also take a toll on the liver which leads to the poor appetite conditions in children. We as parents can do the following to get them to recover faster and bring their healthy appetites back: 1. Need to give the child a lot of probiotics but if the child does not want to drink the usual ones, try giving the enterogermina vial. Since it comes in a small plastic vial that needs to be broken open (the kids love to be in charge of their own medicine), kids take it for the fun of the process. The best part is that it is effective and it is flavorless/colorless( just like drinking a small sip of water from a very fancy looking plastic tube). Need to give one vial for 5 days. 2. Now a days a lot of ORS solutions come in different flavors like apple and orange , try giving that to the child and also drink yourself first so the child is inspired to drink .(It would help if you made a story around it and made it fun for the child).

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