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Updated on Nov 14, 2012

Hi !   My child loves non vegetarian food and though chicken is more frequent, we do tend to feed him red meat once in a while. I do know that red meat takes a little while longer to digest. Apart from that I do not know if its safe and healthy to give him red meat. Need advice, thanks!

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| Nov 16, 2012

For a small child anything cooked properly and in moderation is perfectly fine. If the child develops an allergy to anything, you might want to change it, but otherwise there should not be any health problems associated with any home cooked food.

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| Nov 15, 2012

thanks Anurima!

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| Nov 14, 2012

Hi Neetu. Red meat is a great source of protein and iron among other nutrients. But on the other hand they are high on saturated fat, which could lead to cholesterol. The points to be kept in mind are to trim off the fat from the meat and make sure the meat is thoroughly cooked as uncooked/ partially cooked meat may contain bacteria which can result in food poisoning. I think consuming red meat once in a while, like you mentioned, is safe and fine. In some countries people eat small portions of red meat everyday!

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