Red patches in baby

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Updated on May 06, 2017

Hi. our son is 6 months old. Last week we took him to a trip for about 2 days. After that he got some red patches at his face , hand and legs. Applying coconut oil at the patches. they dissapear in a day and coming back again. can't find whether it's for heat or some other allergies. Hadn't started giving food yet. I'm worried about this. Is there any home remedies for these. kindly help me

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| May 06, 2017

Sindhu... red patches due to heat but some times if its all over the body which indicates the symptoms for chicken pox or small pox... apply some ghee wait for 3-5 min and then bath, you have plenty of water as you are breastfeeding so tat baby's heat level and hydration will be maintained and if its still continues aft tat pls contact ur ped sooner

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