Reflux in Infants

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Updated on Oct 22, 2019

On the behalf of my friend I want to ask some remedies or treatment. Plz reply with your experience to ease mother's worry. 2. 7kg by birth Now 3 n half months almost Weight is 4. 7 On formula milk (moringa) Past 2 months facing digestion issue Taking 3 oz after every 3 hours Throw up milk after feeding Takes feed 6 times in a day Throw up 2 times at least

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| Oct 22, 2019

Hi @ uzma! Keep the feed size small and increase number of feeds. Also do not wait till he is too hungry that he overfeeds .Probably he is vomiting due to overfeeding. donot forget to burp the baby after every feed. Weight gain is fine.

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| Oct 23, 2019

Hey . Its normal for babies to throwup who are on bottle feed .. Better to use colic aid 10mins b4 feed . Give tummy time to baby for 5mins . Do massage on stomach

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