Regarding cold and problem in oxygen 5 months baby boy?

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Updated on Jan 12, 2020

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| Jan 12, 2020

Hi Rajputni anu ! Please clarify do u mean to say problem in breathing by saying problem in oxygen? If yes, is baby's nose clogged?if yes, please use nasal saline drops. while breastfeeding keeping his head little elevated so that he can breathe easily even while feeding. For cold u could take lukewarm sarson oil and heat lehsun, ajwain in it. Apply it on baby's sole,chest and back. Make the baby wear clothes according to the weather. keep his bedding cosy. also if anyone has cough and cold make sure to use sanitizer before entering baby's room and wear a mask.

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| Jan 12, 2020

Hello Rajputni anu for cold you can apply coconut oil in which you have to boil few thulasi, ajwain seeds, ajwain leaves, betel leaves, garlic. When once it's warm apply it on the back of baby ears, neck, chest, feet, and back. You can follow this. Make sure that oil is not too hot when applying it must be just warm. It helped for my baby. And you should drink only boiled water even if you drink normal water there is chance for baby to get cold. Because what you consume is what baby is also having via breastmilk. If baby is having problem in breathing because of cold better consult your pediatrician. You can go through the following blogs for home remedies. hope it might help you Blogs-

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