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Updated on Apr 25, 2017

my son is in 9th standard now, he is ok with studies.. whenever he studies, he starts thinking nd talking abut other things, he cnt pay his attention properly towards study... how to deal with ths .. plz suggest ... he is only child... Nd very much. pampered tooooo.. now I m facing ths problem ..

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| Apr 25, 2017

hi Rishu Kaur! please dont blame yourself. sit with him and plan a hand gesture which reminds him he has to get back to studies. give him a patient ear as soon as he's back from school. listen to everything he has to say but while studying tell him to just concentrate on studies . if he remembers to share something more with u , he could write down in his diary and share with u later after he's done with his studies. praise him when he follows.

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