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Updated on Oct 24, 2015

My daughter is 2. 11 yrs old. Still uses diaper. We have tried a lot to remove this habit. But she feels very uncomfortable without diaper. She is unable to concentrate elsewhere if she is not wearing diaper. Any advice on how we can get rid of her habit.

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| Oct 24, 2015

As a mom my experience is that kids do things wen they r ready for it. So if she is still not comfortable don't push her. Give her a break. And read her some books on kids using potty seats. U will get many books on this topic. In fact there r separate books for boys and girls. And after a mth or two restart ur process. U can also try a barter technique with her. If she has some toy on her wish list then tell her she can get that toy in exchange for her toys. Speak to store people first abt it. Take her diapers with u n let her pay up there wid her diapers n tell her if she wants diapers back the toy goes back. We used this technique for bottles and pacifiers and overnight both were forgotten. There r many kids who give up diapers late. No need to worry. All the best! One warning: expect a lot of touching her private parts for sometime wen she moves out of diapers. Cos it's a very strange feeling for them being without diapers n suddenly private parts are easily accessible so curiosity is genuine. Don't get worked up over that. It passes away with time.

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| Oct 24, 2015

Hi Snehal! When a child gets used to something it becomes difficult to get rid of that habit easily as in this case child is uncomfortable without diapers. 2 years and 11 months is a little late for toilet training but we can still work on it. When she is at home just avoid using diapers,giving reasons that diaper can spoil her skin and cause rashes. Also u can reward her for not using it with a smiley or a star. U can buy attractive toilet seat with her favorite character and motivate her to use the same. As she must be just learning to recognize the urge, so accidents are inevitable. Please avoid scolding or punishing the child for same. Once she has learnt to be diaper free during day time,u can work on nights. make her use washroom just before sleeping and note the time around which she needs to use again. Patience,praise and motivation would be useful traits in this case.

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