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Created by Smriti Sinha
Updated on May 24, 2017

my daughter doesn't want to eat anything. pl suggest

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| May 24, 2017

Dear Smiti, 1. be sure that your child is hungry enough. So try to maintain 2 hrs gap between two large meal. 2. their taste buds are much more sensitive than ours. Try to prepare healthy but tasty food. 3. Don't give milk more than 540ml in a day. Otherwise, the tummy will be used to with liquid food only. 4. be sure about the motion clearance of your baby. 5. engage your child in various physical activities. 6. give fruits chat in the evening 7. can give homemade vegetable pasta in the evening just to make your child interested in food.

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| May 24, 2017

hi dear my son is 19 months old uska bhi yhi haal hai mushkil se khilana pdta hai .ek to khane ke time pass kuch aur na do like biscuit or anything in sbse tummy bhar lenge fir khana nai khayenge... me use jada dal ya sbzi me chapati ki bites dal k deti hu so that he can chew .give her cheese slice,mango,curd me shakar agar khale mera beta hardly 2 spoon kahayega he needs water hamesha ...try to give Dalia,suji chilla with arhar dal , dudh roti,khichdi,Moog dal chilla , eggs ..aur try video ya baby TV ya games me indulge Krke if she can eat

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