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hi my son is now 10 yrs .he's hvg adenoids . at the age of 2. 5yrs it was diagnosed. I consulted maproblemny paths but no results. finally I went to sm homeopathic doctor he gave sm tonics to my son bcoz what ever he eats he puke back...... within 1. 5 mnth my child became so fatty n he was over weight then..... I immediately discontinued the medicine n enquired doctor about the medication. .....he agreed to it that it was steroids based ........he said his problem was so cronic that I hv to gave him this medication......... I felt very bad n had a fight with him cm he cn give steroids to such a small baby...... anyways but my problem is my child is still very fussy in eating but his body is fatty. ..he looks fatty but hardly eats anything. .....I'll b thankfull if u help in shredding his weight coz initially he was very very lean...... plz help

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