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Regarding my son

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Sep 18, 2015

Pls help me understand my son's behavior and psychology... how do I raise him...

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| Sep 18, 2015

Hi Madhu Pandey! I can understand yr situation. Raising a child with loads of energies can be really a task in itself besides other chores which u r expected to perform. I would advise u to take help from his paternal or maternal grandparents. Children love having them around and their way of handling a situation can be more tactful and effective as most of the time they use the policy of nailing it with love and affection. On the other hand you will get a breathing space as well. 2. Praise , praise, praise ! No matter what for every positive action of his praise him! 3. Take one day at hand. Direct his energies in doing something constructive, the end product of which all should praise. Say for example:u could involve him in helping u say watering plants, filling water bottles,bringing stuff from another room,feeding pets. Praise him for helping u and avoid scolding for the mess created as he didn't intend to do so. 4. Do some play activity with him say making him do art and craft, drawing, zigsaw puzzle, make an object using geometrical shapes say for ex a robot using square shape etc. Once done praise him and put it on display in yr drawing room for guests/visitors to praise as well. 5 give him small responsibilities (under your supervision ) like counting number of whistles and tell Mama when cooker whistles four times or when the door bell rings , he would go out and greet the person and let Mama know the purpose of their visit. Or when dhobi bhaya comes he would count money with u and give to him. 6. When he goes out for grocery shopping give him a bag in which he has to count and put say 10 good round gourds. Please use the magic words as often as possible Wow, awesome, mind blowing, excellent and u would see a change. Children make mistakes, u might not like his performance but this is how he would learn. If we would snub a child at first rung of the ladder he would not dare to go to the second. A child deserves a praise for attempting and motivation to carry on further. Hope this would help!

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