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Created by Supriya Belli
Updated on Jan 16, 2019

My daughter 2. 10yr old ,now going to play home ,this may she ll be 3. 3yr old ,we want shift her from play home to school .... but worried that she ll be ok with more members,big environment,food caring from aaya .... or we can still continue in a play home till next year ... pls suggest me what can I do

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| Jan 16, 2019

hi Supriya Belli ! she has to shift sooner or later the earlier she would shift, the earlier and better she would adjust .

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| Jan 16, 2019

hi Supriya Belli ! i understand what u r going thru, but social development is also very important for your child and from my perspective if the preschool is giving your child a good social/peer exposure then it wud be better to keep him at the preschool for another year. at the same time keep a tab of what all is covered in the school for the same stage and tally wth your preschool if they would cover all that. if they would, then its a simple decision but if there's going to be a big difference, then pls rethink. take care

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