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remembering numbers and alphabets

3 to 7 years

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Updated on Dec 08, 2017

My daughter is about 4 years and 11 months and studies at bombay scottish in jr. kg. She has been attending the best of the play school since age 1. 5 years. However now suddenly she has started forgetting a few numbers and alphabets. once taught, with a little time gap, she again gets confused between 6 and 9. doesnt recognise 10. can iy be a psychological disorder? Is there a simpler way with which they remember it for longer time?

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| Dec 09, 2017

hi Vikram Rao ! these are a few numbers and alphabets which are confusing and like b and d, 6 and 9 . etc.. plese don't worry as children keep getting confused between such numbers.. repitition or explaining through some fun method like for instance if yr child is right handed u could say only 5 and 6 in the numbers 0 to 9 are face the right hand rest either see straight or towards left hand. so such clues would make it easier for her to make association and learn.

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