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Updated on Jun 11, 2014

Hi everyone. My child is a very reserved kind of child i feel. I have often seen him behaving in this manner. Like when we take him out to play in a garden or somewhere and if he wishes to go on a ride then other children of his age would easily push him away and go and he will stand by the side and give them way. When he sees too many children around, he stops playing and stands on the side and just watches them play. Also if some other child shouts at him or snatches his toys away he would either happily give it away or then cry later. We are a nuclear family as its just me, my wife and him. Kindly advise how can we change this behaviour of his. He is just 2. 5 years old and i wish he lears to play and be slightly bold before he joins his pre-school.

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| Jun 11, 2014

Dear Siddharth, it is normal to children this young to behave this way. They are usually comfortable among a familiar group of children. I dont think there is anything to worry about as he is likely to grow out of this. In the meanwhile, you may encourage him to mingle more with other kids, help him understand how he should behave among other kids and teach him the importance of sharing. He will surely learn the ways by watching other children. So all I suggest in encourage him to play in a group and praise him when he handles a situation independently. He will get there and joining pre-school will help him more. Hope this helps :)

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| Jun 12, 2014

Hi Siddharth, If you wish to get your child out of his shell, then start at home. Organize play dates at your house for him where he meets other children and learns social skills such as sharing and asserting himself; take him to other children's house--friends, cousins; guide him in a situation but do not dominate (for eg: if he is on the swing and some other child wants it, you could tell both the children that they can use the swing turn-by-turn); diffuse his awkwardness by first participating in a game yourself, with other children, and then gently pulling yourself out and letting him continue. Also, it is important to remember that children learn a lot from their parents--try and be social when he is around... talking to other parents in the park or in the elevator, introducing him around... showing to him by your actions that it is ok to talk and mingle with others. Hope this helps.

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| Mar 27, 2020

Try to search out the list of the schools who are offering the early education for your kid. The is promoting the pre-school concept to increase the good manner with the kids as an early education.

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