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Updated on Oct 07, 2013

hi fellow parents, my daughter is diagnosed with lower respiratory tract infection. She is on antibiotics since saturday. Still her fever shoots to 103. i have been told it will take 4 days minimum to cure. I am very stressed due to high fever and her loss of appatite. she is 2. 1. Any body faced such situation or knows about it please help.   thanx Deepti

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| Oct 07, 2013

Dear Deepti. My daughter went through the same problem in the winter of 2010. She was just under 2 years. It started off as a normal cold and cough, but the cough wouldn't go away. The ped had prescribed a cough syrup which did not help at all and her cough got worse. Within a week or so she had high fever and started throwing up each time she coughed and could not sleep at night. One fine day she stopped eating. I made a call to the doctor stating that she was not eating. All he said was to continue with the cough syrup and asked me to give her another cough drop and she will be fine. After about 2 days, she stopped drinking water also, was coughing non stop and was very dull. I took her to the doctor. He checked her and said that she has very bad chest congestion and since she was totally listless, we had to admit her to the hospital. On further diagnosis at the hospital, we came to know that she was suffering from an upper respiratory infection and if untreated, it could result in Pneumonia! She was given IV medication and was much better the next day. We went home after one day and continued with an antibiotic for 10 days. Once the dosage was over, she gradually recovered. Sorry for the detailed experience, but looks like your daughter too has the problem. Please make sure she is well hydrated and keep her chest lightly covered to allow the mucus to clear up. Continue with the medicines and she will be feeling better soon. Hang in there Deepti. Do follow your instincts too. If you feel she is not getting better, please speak to the doctor asap. Hope she feels better soon.

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| Oct 08, 2013

Thanx Anurima, today we got her blood test and chest x ray done. she has infection and her hemoglobin is 7. 6. She does not eat well. Doc continued with antibiotics and said no need to admit her. And yes she too is throwing up. Thanx again and can you help me how can i increase her hemoglobin naturally.

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