retained tissue after miscarriage


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Updated on Jul 26, 2019

hi.. i miscarried at 5 weeks and bleeded for 3 days. however no clot like thing expelled.. when bleeding stopped i went for ultrasound and there was a 2. 5mm size tissue left.. doctor prescribed me mtp pills.. however even after taking that kit i had no bleeding.. one doctor is saying to take appointment for d&c and other one is sayn to wait for 1 more week and then go for ultrasound again because as per her such small tissue may get reabsorbed in my body.. please suggest what should i do?? please pleas reply

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| Jul 27, 2019

u could wait for a week as per doctor's advice as it usually takes 2 weeks for the tissue to pass and If it doesn't come out u would require it to be scaped. chances of infection also become high ,after miscarriage. please keep a watch on that too.

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