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Updated on Aug 05, 2017

Hi, my child is 5yrs old and am a single parent. I want to reveal the truth to her about her father and that we are divorced but am scared how she is going to accept it. I have never discussed this to her so far nor told her anything about her father but she knows she doesn't have a father like other children. Please help me.

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| Aug 05, 2017

hi Hema Doshi! I do comprehend your concern. u need to assess her readiness for this news. if as a mother u feel this is the right time to talk about it go by your intuition. or else wait for some more time till she herself seeks details about her father. if u decide to discuss, u could talk to her gradually over a period of time ,and not in one go as it could be too overwhelming for the child to accept. also make sure u don't say anything against him or bad about him . u could simply explain by saying as she at times feels she just can't get along with a particular child in her class similarly things didnt work out between u and her father. so u felt it is better to part ways. Hema u understand your child better so please be careful about things that can hurt her. .hope this helps!

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