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Updated on Oct 19, 2012

Hi friends   Lately have seen a decline in my 11 yr old's interest in studies, h/w, assessments and anything academic for that matter.. which is quite the opposite of how he used to be till  few months back. I spend a lot of time brainstorming about how to get his interest back, however with preteens , sometimes everything is met with resistance.  He has a goal, something he wants to become. I have been wondering if my last resort should be to use the old parenting style with him, bounce the thought off him that we dont think he will become what he wants, Why , because the effort is missing, Wondering if its the right thing to do, any thoughts?

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| Oct 24, 2012

Hi Nitin, thanks for replying. He is in class 6, goes to Presidium which is a great school and he does not go for tuitions. Tuitions have always been a battle point, wherein he always resisted , said would only like me to teach him. And somewhere in my gut I also did not want to send him, but just seeing that kids around do go for tuitions, confuses me. So there, I need your advice. I quit working full time and I quite like helping him in academics. So time is not an issue, but as you would know, class 6 introduces a volley of new subjects, it has been overwhelming. The main irritants : Maths, history - asking me why we need to know what happened centuries ago :). Also, did not really know that "It is this time that they need hand holding on academics especially". So, thanks for the input. However, do help me out here, one, with the tuition bit and the second, do you think the old school should be applied at times, grilling them like our parents did with us and we came out just fine:)

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| Oct 23, 2012

hi Neetu, would like to know in more detail, am assuming that your child has just entered the middle school. It is this time that they need handholding on academics especially. also, let me know which board/school is he in and is it that he's not taking interest in all subjects or a few? which ones? does he go for tuition already?

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