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Reviews on PreSchool in Sushant lok-1

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Aug 01, 2013

Hello people, Was wondering if anyone can guide us to the PreSchool/Playschool in or nearby Sushant Lok-1, C-Block. As we have figured out Intellitots and SriRam Global Pre-School. Any Parentune members whose kids are already in any one of these or in a better school in the same area who can guide us. Your first hand reviews will hold importance and give some light for us to plan. Oh and we have visited these schools so..... just wanted to know more about them or any better ones nearby. Thank You :)

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| Sep 01, 2014

hi puja arora gupta! I understand your worry. Both the branches of intellitots are selfowned by them and the staff is trained by the same resources and guided by the same policy. so-between the Hongkong bazaar - sector56 one and the ESSEL tower one on your parameters, here are a fw observations: 1. innovative teaching- both at par - as they follow the same mthodology and curriculum 2. meals-same 3. hygine - same. Having mentioned the above, the ESSEL tower is more spacious than the sector 56 and a little more convenient to locate. Which one is closer to you?

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| Aug 30, 2014

I Hv read abt intellitots school a lot but confused which one is better in their performance in terms of individual child's development, innovative teaching rather than forced method of teaching, nutritious meals, hygiene, etc... sector 56 branch or essel tower near IFFCO. Plz advise.

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| Aug 13, 2013

Hello, I am new in gurgaon and knew nothing about the schools here so I checked a lot of schools and decided that I don't want to send her on a bus at this small age so I am sending her to chiranjeev Bharati preschool as i also live in sushant lok-1, c block and I am very happy... they provide food also and my daughter has started to eat herself now as they make them all sit together... overall I am very happy with the school....

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| Aug 07, 2013

hello, my daugther was going to Intellitots before she joined big school. Being at Intellitots has been an overwhelming experience for us as parents and my daughter. I saw a considerable change in her speaking skills and she became so much more inquisitive to know things around us. My daughter’s overall personality development was commendable while being at Intellitots. It’s a brilliant place for parent to send their kids to make a real difference in their early years. I strongly recommend it to parents.

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| Aug 05, 2013

Thank you people... I did check the ranking.. thanx :)

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| Aug 03, 2013

Intellitots is by far the best preschool in Gurgaon. I feel that as a parent it is one of the most important decisions you make. My child was very traumatised in his first preschool so much so that he was afraid of the word 'school' so I decided to pull him out. That was last year. At that point I visited many other schools and evaluated each with a really close eye. I finally decided on Intellitots. And I can say that it was the best decision that I made. They have only 14 kids in one class with 2 teachers and one dedicated maid so the amount of attention each child gets is really high. The teachers really helped Krish get over his fear of school and now he wants to go to Intellitots on weekends as well.

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| Aug 02, 2013

Hi Vaishali! We shall send a message to some of the Gurgaon proparents to get you a feedback on both these preschools. Meanwhile, please feel free to see parents' ranking of various preschools in Gurgaon under the education page in the top-main menu bar.

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