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Right age for playschool

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Mar 20, 2016

Plz help me out my baby is 17 months old and i want him to join playschool. Is that the right age or whats the right age to send him???

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| Oct 26, 2016

If u also present with baby during play school hours then its right age. If you have to leave him alone in play school, in that case you can wait till she is 2 or more.

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| Mar 21, 2016

My kid is 18 months old.. I have started taking him to the playschool for an hour a day.. I am experiencing loads of positive changes.. It's the right age these days...

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| Mar 20, 2016

I started sending my kid at 2. 6 yrs. I think you can wait until your kid is 2 yrs at least.

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