Rituals associated with childbirth


Created by Navrati Sharma
Updated on Oct 07, 2015

Hii everyone, It sometimes is unexplainable to me when it comes to rituals associated with childbirth.. What is the significance of all this.. I being pregnant feel that at that time what is most needed is just relaxation for the mother n some bonding but all these riwaaz spoil the essence of the moment.. What do you guys say? By the way what are the different kind of rituals once the baby is born ?

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| Oct 07, 2015

Hi Navrati Sharma! I completely understand your anxieties related to customs and beliefs. Though most of the customs have scientific basis to support these but due to these being age old we have been blindly following it without understanding the logic behind these rituals. One such ritual is of mother being Confined to a room and not allowed to enter kitchen. The logic behind this is after baby's birth mother bleeds for few weeks to months shedding the lining of the uterus. Since the mother's body has gone through such a tremendous change and brought a new life into existence , it needs rest and time to recover. Also newborn and mother is succeptible to infection due to their immunity being low,it's advisable to keep them away from guests and rest of the family members. We may call it 40 to 90 days or so imprisonment or false belief but it is a scientifically valid practice. Similarly special foods such as gud jeera, desighee ladoos, panjeeri etc especially prepared by nursing mothers relatives have proven evidence to increase milk supply. These food products are called galactagogues . Another custom is massage of nursing mother and newborn babies after few days of birth which again helps them recuperate from child birth. The more you would try and understand these customs and the logic behind these, the easier it will be for you to accept these and follow. All the best. Take good care of yrself Navrati!

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| Oct 07, 2015

Thank you so much for enlightening me over this... I will keep dese in mind..

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