Rude behaviour

3 to 7 years

Created by Hariom Tyagi
Updated on Jun 26, 2017

My son is 5years and 3months old, now a days there is behaviour change in him. He doesnt listen to any one and screaming. Please help how to overcome this problem.

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| Jun 27, 2017

hi hariom Tyagi! u need to tell your child to calm down first. then politely let him know u will listen to him only when he listens to u first. thank him for and then u can make him sit and put across your point. then ask him to share what he has to say. if u feel u agree with him or u can fulfill his demand say a big YE S and hug your child. but in case u can't do or u don't agree with what he says, tell him politely " u r such a good child, I love your sweet nature,I know u will listen to me and understand things " and give the reason for saying No . ask him for other alternatives that can be chosen . praise him again for being such a good child. hope this helps!

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| Jun 27, 2017

same is the case with my 6 yrs old son. actually I have twins so he dominates the other one as he finds him most easy to dominate. this way my other child is getting timid.

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