Safe & Unsafe or Good & Bad touch

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Updated on Nov 07, 2014

A warm Hello to all the parents :) Would like to have your views on the hot topic "Safe & Unsafe or Good & Bad touch" with refrence to our children. Do you feel it is the topic worth pondering upon and discussing the same in detail with other fellow parents and an Expert in the field. Would you like your child to be made aware about the same in a very friendly and safe way. Such as how to differentiate and come out if ever stuck in such a situation. Would you like to know about the laws and your legal rights as parents regarding this issue?

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| Nov 29, 2014

Thank you for sharing your views Suma. We at JiNa-LivingPositively are organizing a Parents-Child Workshop on the same theme in Gurgaon on 20 Dec 2014. If you want to know more about it please get in touch with me @9810929711 or on my email id: kavita. yadav. 1906@gmail. com . Love

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| Nov 27, 2014

Yes, definitely. The present days are unsafe for kids. it is difficult to believe anybody. So parents and schools should take up active measures to educate students and their parents regarding how to handle such situations

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