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Schedule of feed of 7 month baby

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Created by Sreeya Padhya
Updated on Jul 12, 2017

Can anyone give me a schedule of feeding solid meal and my feeding. Also suggest the gap or duration between this two thing.

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| Jul 12, 2017

Definitely it helps thank you sooooo much.

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| Jul 12, 2017

Hi Sreeya, Hi Ashwini, your baby is only 7 month and have just started foods other than breastmilk so give light and easy to digest foods as the the digestive system has just started working. To begin day start with breast milk. Keep gap of 2 or 2 & 1/2  hr between each solids preferably semi solids. whenever your baby wakes up her routine starts right from thath time. after 1 hr of breastfeed Give breakfast of well cooked oats/ powdered daliya/ suji apple kheer/ suji khir/ cerelac/ ragi porridge .  After breakfast give breastmilk once before lunch . In lunch you can give well cooked moong daal khichdi/ upper layer of chappati  mashed in  milk or daal/ mashed rice with milk or daal. After lunch give dome gap then you can give few spoons of juices like watermelon, grapes, pomegranate, chickoo, coconut water.   Arouund 4 -4. 30 in evening again you can give purees like apple puree/ carrot puree/ potato puree/ tomato puree /beetroot puree/ pear/ papaya/ banana and purees of so many fruits or vegetables .Again between dinner and evening snacks you can breastfeed.   In dinner you can again give cerelac, daliya, sabudaana, upper layer of chappati mashed in milk.   Whatever you give should be well cooked and in semi solid form .  Breastmilk should be given  at least for 7-9 times a day. As the baby grows reduce the number of breastfeed and increase solids. Hope this will help you .

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