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Updated on May 28, 2015


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| Apr 07, 2017

My Kid is in 3rd grades at Oakridge International School Newton, Hyd studied althrough from Nursery. They love their school, always had fun and exciting times. Every day something new is store for them at OIS. Trust me, time flies here and kids grow very quickly. If you want a place for your child to be heard, child to be cared and above all appreciated for anything he does(sports\music\Arts\Academics), this is the school. If you want an ambiance for your child to experiment, fail and eventually succeed in anything, please join here. I found my children getting appreciation for everything they do, music, drama, acads. Refer for more information

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| Aug 20, 2016

Hi.. Suggest to check www. goschooling. com. You will get all the details for any Preschool in Hyderabad. You can share your details with them & their person will take you through the entire Admission process. You will also get special offers :))

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| May 29, 2015

Is there any recommendation necessary r just an interview to b faced? In Vidyaranya n which syllabus is the school actually following... ?

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| May 28, 2015

Vidyaranya is the best in terms of holistic development of the child.

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| May 28, 2015

Hi.. this is Aparna... I just need some suggestions from parents of kids from any of these below schools regarding how the school is in the point of curriculum,taking care of the kid and the school atmosphere.... I am planning to jpin my daughter in nursery for next academic year.. BVB,Vigyaranya,Chirec,Oakridge,Sloka,

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