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Updated on Apr 26, 2017

hi ,i have by who is 3yr 8 months old. my problem is that he gets angry very soon like from starting wake him up in the morning and he was like don't want to come down ,don't want to drink milk or shower. as i am working women it was very hard for me to cop up with him .i always tried to convince him to get things done very polite ly but he was got angry and start throwing things

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| Apr 26, 2017

hi Komal ! I completely understand your concerns! early in the morning child is sleepy and probably resists all attempts to wake him up and doesnt realize your situation. Komal he is too small to understand the value of time. u could make him understand in the language he understands best i. e. the language of Love. tell him how u get scolding at office for reaching late. make him sleep by 8 pm so that he wakes up early next day. also tell him the rules , if he wakes up in one call , he will get a star, if in two calls he gets a smiley, and if more than 2 reminders he needs to give away a privelege say 15 minutes of his play time. keep praising him for following instructions. hope this helps!

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