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Created by Sumit Tyagi
Updated on May 15, 2016

Hi all, can you help me out with some parenting tips. My boy is 3. 1 years. He is very naughty. To make his wish fulfilled he has started crying and hitting his head on floor, slapping himself while crying and weeping. We as a parent know that it is a wrong way so we don't interrupt in his crying after we console him once or twice. He keep on crying but his grandmother then gives him a sort of greed of buying toffees and chocolates, wandering outside due to which he has started showing signs of greed every time as he thinks that this is the only way out to make his wish fulfilled every time. Every time he cries for his wish. I am seeking for an advice that as a parent what should I do? Though I am hable to handle my child with love but sometime s I have be a bit strict which I really don't like!

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| May 16, 2016

boss don't mind but you suppose to use a little slap therapy, once the baby have some fear than u can control him easily like oye don't do this. bro u know that too much love nd affection can also ruin their future. babies should defiantly have a little fear of papa, nothing is strange in this nd one more thing isn't our parents grown up us. just compare urself with the childhood memories and try to understand the need of baby that why he is doing so. but don't forget to feel him that ur his father nd he have to obey u

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| May 16, 2016

Thanks Shikha ji...

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| May 15, 2016

Hi Sumit Tyagi! Children are smart enough and know how to manipulate and pretend to get their demands fulfilled. Since the child in this case knows grandmother will definitely come for rescue, he plays his smart card . I am sure this must have also led to difference of opinions between members. Please talk to the grandma and explain how it can make the child stubborn . Ensure while getting your point across u r nowhere hurting her sentiments or being disrespectful to her, as she is concerned about your child and can't see him crying. Let the child cry but u should maintain your cool and try and distract him with a song or switch on the TV or make him laugh by tickling. Once he calms down just hug him and talk to him and explain to him why what he wants can't be fulfilled and give him options. U can even show him the video how he behaved ..just to let him know, better ways of expressing himself. Please Make sure no one talks loudly or shouts or spanks the child as this will make him further aggressive. Avoid behavior which u don't want him to imitate. Hope this helps!

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