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Created by Yesha Shah
Updated on Feb 02, 2017

I want my child to play alone. she is a single child and all the time she wants someone to play

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| Feb 04, 2017

spend time with her as a friend

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| Feb 02, 2017

hi yesha, are you working mom or a home maker. If you are a home maker please try to play with your child as much as possible because once they grow up may after the age of seven they don't need us as friends.. just enjoy and keep googling more games and take to play with friends put her in some classes where she ll get more friends to be with. Please remember it is absolutely right on part of the child to refuse to play alone dear. even as elders we need people to hang out. All you can do is play with your child as much as possible and make a time as self time in which you will do your chores and the child will utilise that time in playing with toys etc. explain him once self time is over you will join her again. After some days your child will get used to the routine and enjoy self time.

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| Feb 02, 2017

Same is the case with me but we both parents live to share our time and play with him. Single child might not play all the time with his toys alone. Making him feel like big and paying attention makes him happy and energetic also in learning mode. My suggestion is that if the child is seeking your attention himself is always commendable else if he looses your control and sight,it would have been more worrisome issue for you. Rest is upto you. Parents know better than the rest for their kids. Hope you take me in positive. Happy parenting..

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