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Sensitive child

3 to 7 years

Created by Varsha Sharma
Updated on Dec 11, 2017

Hi everyone, I have a 4. 8 yrs old kid. He goes in formal school in nursery class. He is good in studies whether written or oral but he is very sensitive.. For an example if anyone in the class takes his toy or do scribbling in his book, he starts cry.. He doesn't try to handle the situation on his own. Everytime he goes to Ma'm with tearful eyes and do complaint their classmates. How can I help him out to overcome from sensitivity... Pl suggest

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| Dec 12, 2017

well mine is the same age. don't worry too much about it. he isn't sensitive. he is just a child. is he a single child? if yes encourage him to play more with friends in the same age group and play out door games. they usually learn to adapt.

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| Dec 12, 2017

hi, I faced the same thing with my child, I feel it happens because we parents unknowingly try to solve their problems which they can do at their age... let him do in daily lives what he can, such as keeping his things, filling bottles or little tasks that enhances his confidence.. while playing at home, let him sort out what he wants and how, if he has a fight or quarrel with. his friends/siblings, listen to him but don't suggest what he should do... ask his suggestions, give him sometime to think, then when it doesn't work, you suggest at last... I think this might help you... My child has improved a lot..

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| Dec 11, 2017

hi Varsha Sharma ! with age and time he will learn to face. let him deal with it on his own.. give him more opportunities by taking him to park everyday or organize play dates.. he will sooner or later learn .please do go through this link.. hope you will find this blog useful!Hey! I find this parent blog really interesting. I suggest you have a look too:

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