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Created by Senthil Kumar Sekar
Updated on Jul 09, 2014

    My Son is 1. 10 years old and he is ready to brush his teeth. What is the best way to start/brushing. Any Suggestions for Toothbrush and Toothpaste is much appreciated?

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| Jul 14, 2014

Nitin & Sonali - Thanks for your response

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| Jul 09, 2014

Hi Senthil,congrats to the proud mum .you can start with a finger brush if there are a few teeth, but if there are more than 7-8 teeth then a normal soft children brush of any good company will help you do the job. Since he is just 1. 1 years even if he does not use a paste initially it is alright otherwise as mentioned above you can try the kids paste which are mostly fluoride free, so that even if he swallows it is alright. but I would suggest a very little paste (just for the sake of using). make sure you inculcate the habit of night brushing right from this young age. All the best.

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| Jul 09, 2014

Hey Senthil! That's great... this can be a lot of fun for your son if introduced to nicely. Try the toothpaste which are especially made for children, some of them come with special flavours too.... u could get one of your son's favourite flavours may be. Also, the chld-toothbrush have most gentle bristles, and are different to the adult ones. There are multiple options available for toddler brush and toothpastes now a days among various brands.

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