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Setback in potty training

Keerthana S
3 to 7 years

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Updated on Jan 31, 2016

My son is 3. 3 yrs old. When he was 2. 7 he was completely potty trained. And he was so good that we never had a single pee in his pants. But since December he has been dribbling and recently avoiding urine indication. I don't know if its a big concern or to blame it on the winter. His preschool has asked me to send him in diapers for a few days which I am very sceptical about. I am worried because he has to start a regular school soon and he won't be able to manage there. Has anyone experienced the same. Any advise

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Rhituparna Mitra

| Feb 05, 2016

Please get him checked. Or talk to him if he's fearing something or something is hurting while he pees. Has someone misbehaved with him in school? Bedwetting is alright but shouldn't happen in the day if he is already trained.

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Parentune Support

| Feb 02, 2016

Hi Keethana, this may just be a temporary phase,could also be because of winter as you pointed or he could just be anxious. Try and speak to him about this if need be take the help of school alternatively this could help-

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