severe cold

1 to 3 years

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Updated on Nov 20, 2016

my 2yr child is suffering from severe cold and cough

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| Nov 20, 2016

hi lubna .... 1st thing we should always remember is tht if kids r hvng cold u should gv them proper steam by adding camphor or some vapour capsules I use carvolplus its really good ... 3 , 4 times ... n try to gv ginnger and tulsi juice mixed in honey its very effective in cough n cold tht also 4, 5 dose in a day n next day only tulsi no ginger with honey dont add more water to ginger n tulsi just few drops only crush it n strain it n leave it for 5 min let it settle down n then add honey n 1 tbsp ... give him warm soup n if is not ready ti eat any thing try ti gv him rice starch with bit salt n azwain ... he ll feel good n at ngt before gng to bed apply the mixture of coconut oil n camphor to his chest forehead .. n if u feel he s not able to breath due to nose congestion then u can allow just 2 drops of til oil in his nose it ll make the nose passage clear n he can breath easily their s no harm I do this for my daughter ...

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