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Updated on Jul 16, 2019

is it ok having intercross during pregnancy i m 20week pregnant. in this case can you suggest any position which does not harm the baby.

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| Jul 16, 2019

hi ! if there is no complication in yr pregnancy, u can go ahead! here are more details. Doggy style: Doggy style position requires a woman to go on all fours and the husband enters from the back. The position is considered safe because it does not put pressure on your growing belly and you can still enjoy some great lovemaking. However, if there is discomfiture in your back due to this position it is advisable to try some other position Leap frog: Leap frog position is another position that allows penetration from the back and this is a position if you are too tired to be all on your fours. You can lie on your belly and just lift your pelvis so that there is an easy entry for your husband. You can always use some pillows to support your belly and arms in this position

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