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Updated on Mar 08, 2020

what is the right age to discuss about sex with your child? My child will now be in 6th std and I want to understand is this the right time and if yes, how should I go about discussing it?

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| Mar 08, 2020

Rohit Tanna keeping in mind present day scenario ,u could start discussion on it . Take each day at hand. do not hurry it up so that it is not overwhelming for the child. you could use age appropriate language to make the child understand. The purpose is not to scare him but to impart sex education so that he is aware and safe. You could take help of simple videos which are age appropriate. Do answer his doubts but again in simple language without going in detail. trust your child and be friends with him and approachable so that he can discuss anything anytime with you without hesitation. work on that bond and try and strengthen it. Hope this helps!

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